Figures For Sale

Jolly Green Man

Whether he’s standing guard over your pea patch or showing folks the way into your garden center, this jolly green guy makes for the perfect conversation starter. Not quite a giant, he is still a solid addition to any outdoor setting. The neighbors will be green with envy.


Beach Ball Lady

Cabana rental or swimwear businesses clamor to have this towering temptress outside their businesses … You can also use her to provide a beacon of direction for your beach party. She needs no sunscreen as she is UV blocked already and in fact, she casts a mean shadow to rest under. Perfect for campus parties too.



Whether you envision Black Beard, or a rascal captain made famous by putting his foot on a barrel of rum, this Jolly Roger can liven up a party or stand guard over a seafood restaurant dining room. Always a conversation starter sitting at your home or business … Captain Graham is the life of the paaaaaarrrrty.


Morgan Horse

Pulling a wagon or standing guard at the end of your driveway, these stately horses can be custom painted in colors or all natural. Strong enough for kids to mount and lifelike enough for a double take. Good looking with or without a saddle, but unlike Mr. Ed … Not great conversationalists!


Pink Flamingo

Not just for a Florida retiree’s front yard anymore … this hot pink shrimp-eater is taller than an NBA star and will attract just as much attention! Varied styles mean you can have a flock of these without being redundant and the neighbors will simply loooove your sense of style.


50 Foot Woman

Need a 50ft Woman (who doesn’t these days)? We’ve got you covered … She’s not exactly 50ft, but we guarantee she’s the tallest gal you’ll see this week! Your customers won’t forget either! From a miniature golf course, to a restaurant or amusement park, our gargantuan lady is more than memorable!


Indian Brave

This warrior can preside over boy scout camps, hunting lodges or mini-golf courses. Works very well with one of our Bison or horse figures, or as a back drop to a kid’s playground. Pocahontas would be enamored with his chiseled chest and colorful adornments.



Bait shops, seafood restaurants and fishing charters all need this pelican. You may even want one in your front yard if flamingoes are not your thing … either way, this low altitude beach cruiser will put a maritime spin on any decor, indoors or out and can also be custom painted to suit your needs. No fishy smell.


Chuck Beef

As a prominent display inside or out of any butcher shop or meat department, this brisket billboard shows off the choicest of cuts in a way that no simple sign can ever do. Mooove on over to a 3D display to attract and inform more customers. Sell more meat with this guy flanking you meat counter.


BooBoo Bear

Yogi has been looking for this guy all over the woods. Now you can have him in your back yard, as part of an elaborate menagerie, or as a way to let folks see your fun side. Custom paint can make this little guy your very own with branded colors and numerous attachment options.


Giant Clucker

Fried chicken restaurants or egg farms flock to this big guy. This rooster ruffles feather and makes a statement wherever he stands … can be custom painted and is guaranteed not to lay any eggs (although we can supply some appropriately sized ones).



We have Holsteins and Jerseys … Beef on the hoof or dairy cows galore. If your need is bovine, be it cow, heifer, calf, bison, buffalo, bull or bullock, we have a figure for you. These cows look so real, we’ve seen milking maids grab a bucket and commence to milking! Dairy farmers … this is perfect for your ranch gate.


Walking Bear

This fierce looking honey-muncher is life-sized and ready to roar. Bruin fans will love the attention to detail given this weather-proof addition to any backyard or business menagerie. We have two types of this ursine behemoth, walking or standing. Take one of each for the full effect!